If you consulted the Sugarloaf trail map last winter, you more than likely found yourself drooling over the prospect of the vaguely and enticingly named “Eastern Territory.”

While it wasn’t ready for skier traffic last winter, our glade crew is busy right now cutting brush and extending the Golden Road to this as-yet untracked area to take you further into the Burnt Mountain wilderness than ever before come wintertime.

As its name implies, the Eastern Territory encompasses a pretty massive area on the eastern side of Brackett Brook (Brackett Basin’s namesake). Much of it has been mechanically logged over the past two winters, making it a mix of gladed areas and skidder roads on moderate to low angle terrain. The area itself is huge, meaning fresh tracks will last for days. Add to that the fact that it’s located over a mile away from Sugarloaf-proper, and the Eastern Territory may never get skied out. Also as the name suggests, the Eastern Territory is wild and untamed; Sugarloafers who make the journey out there are in for an adventure.

To access the Eastern Territory, you’ll enter Brackett Basin at the gate, traverse out to the Golden Road, and then follow it until you encounter the current Burnt Mt hiking trail, which will take you directly into the heart of the new territory. At the bottom, the terrain will funnel you out to Snowbrook, and the base of the Snubber lift. Along the way, you’ll be treated to views of the mountain that few Sugarloafers have seen before, like this one:

The glade crew will be working over the coming months to knock down brush and improve terrain in the Eastern Territory, extending and widening the Golden Road, and improving the entrance and and initial traverse into Brackett Basin.

We’ll be headed up with them at various times to check out the progress, so be sure to follow along for updates.

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